A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body

Rédigé le 22/05/2022
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To adopt a healthy lifestyle, it' s important to eat healthy food, as the famous quote "We are what we eat" testifies. 

Daily meditation sessions allow you to release stress, relax and maintain your body. It is a work of both mental and physical health, which allows the practitioner to feel calm in everyday life, and many of you tell us about the many changes and benefits that meditation has brought them. 

In addition to these sports and spiritual sessions, it is also important to devote time to small pleasures, such as reading, going out, but also eating. 

A healthy, varied and balanced diet also brings many changes in the body and mind! So here are our food tips for those who want to match their new lifestyle to their diet! 

1 - Drink one and a half liters of water per day

Yes, we can't say it enough, but our body is essentially made of water, and hydration is very important. Moreover, drinking a lot of water allows first of all to eliminate toxins, but also to burn fat, and to hydrate and plump up the skin naturally! 

2 - Don't deprive yourself! 

Our approach is opposed to any kind of frustration, so don't deprive yourself and eat what you want, while remaining reasonable and obviously favoring healthy products that are good for your health. Nevertheless, a little pleasure from time to time is not a sin! It's even highly recommended! 

3 - Avoid industrial products

Indeed, industrial products sometimes contain very bad components, such as preservatives, additives, and are also generally too sweet, too salty, and low in nutrients. So we avoid the cookies of the supermarkets as well as the prepared meals and we start cooking! Cooking is very good for the morale and it is an activity in line with our approach! 

4 - Eat in season 

We all tend to forget to eat foods in accordance with the season, but it is a change to adopt! First of all, it's a gesture towards the planet since you will be able to consume fresh and local food, but it's also very good for your health and your morale to appreciate what nature gives us and to be in coherence with the season, what could be better than a pumpkin soup in front of a fire, and a tomato salad with Mozarella on a terrace under the sun? 

5 - Favour certain food families 

 Some food families provide more benefits than others, such as fruits and vegetables for example. They are full of vitamins, help digestion and prevent bloating. Dairy products should be consumed in moderation because our body digests them poorly, they are often rich in fat and do little good for our body!